Free On-Demand Workshop! 3 Keys to Building Powerful Academic Language

We recently partnered with PCG Education to bring you an on-demand workshop that focuses on the three important components of a robust academic language program: complex texts, independent reading, and text-based vocabulary instruction. In this 45-minute workshop, English Language Arts … Read more.

Say More, Talk Less: An Excerpt from Building School 2.0

CHRIS LEHMANN is the founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a progressive science and technology high school in Philadelphia, PA. ZAC CHASE is a former teacher, an instructional technology coordinator, a consultant, and a writer who blogs at This … Read more.

Available Now! A Deck of Cards for Exercising Your Creative Brain

Keith Sawyer’s book Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity shows readers everywhere how to increase their creative potential. Outlining an eight-step method for maximizing creative potential, the book offers more than 100 research-based techniques for improving creativity. We’re … Read more.

The Benefits of Dialogic Reading: An Excerpt from Tap, Click, Read

LISA GUERNSEY is a journalist and director of the Early Education Initiative and the Learning Technologies Project at New America. MICHAEL LEVINE, PHD, is a child development and policy expert and founding director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. … Read more.

Check out our new fall releases!

Fall has arrived–and so have several of our new books! As you settle into the rhythm of another new school year, take some time to enjoy a new book. We’ve got a little something for everyone. Tap, Click, Read shows … Read more.

How to Define Your Discipline Policy: An Excerpt from Teaching Outside the Box, 3rd Edition

LOUANNE JOHNSON is the author of nine books about education and the YA novel Muchacho. She is the author of The New York Times bestseller Dangerous Minds (originally My Posse Don’t Do Homework). At present, she teaches high school full-time … Read more.

Announcing a New Book from Michael Fullan!

Available now! Michael Fullan’s new book Freedom to Change offers recommendations for both individuals and organizations seeking to enhance connectedness and independence. Click the links below to get an exclusive look at the infographics from each chapter: ‘Freedom From’ or ‘Freedom To’? A … Read more.

Teacher Ambassador Book Club Q&A with Ron Ritchhart

  As a part of the Jossey-Bass Teacher Ambassador Program, our cohort of engaged educators gain advanced access to our newly published books! In return, our ambassadors provide detailed feedback on the book to our editors and authors. Our ambassadors … Read more.

Register for a Summer of Learning Webinar!

Register for a Summer of Learning Webinar! Share My Lesson provides a space online where teachers can access free high-quality teaching resources and be part of an online community that encourages collaboration between teachers. In order to continue to inspire … Read more.

The Power of Culture in Blended-Learning Implementations: An Excerpt from Blended

MICHAEL B. HORN  is co-founder and executive director of Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation and co-author of Disrupting Class with Clayton Christensen and Curtis Johnson. HEATHER STAKER is senior research fellow in Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute … Read more.