The Benefits of Dialogic Reading: An Excerpt from Tap, Click, Read

LISA GUERNSEY is a journalist and director of the Early Education Initiative and the Learning Technologies Project at New America. MICHAEL LEVINE, PHD, is a child development and policy expert and founding director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. … Read more.

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Education Week webinar with Doug Lemov, 2/19

Doug Lemov has spent much of his career trying to figure out what makes great teachers great—and through his research, he’s determined that much of it comes down to the concrete techniques teachers use to manage their classrooms. In a … Read more.

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The FriendMaker app Helps Teens with Social Challenges Make Friends

The FriendMaker mobile app and the book The Science of Making Friends by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson distill guidance from UCLA’s acclaimed PEERS program, the only evidence-based social skills intervention available for teens and young adults with autism and other social … Read more.

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5 Ways to Promote Positive Body Image in School-Aged Children

It comes when you least expect it.  You’ve worked hard to stay positive about your own body and not mention weight in the household.  But lo and behold your child comes home one day asking you if they are getting … Read more.

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Progressive Games for Ages Three to Seven

Play is increasingly recognized by neuroscientists and educators as a vital component in brain development, academic success and learning social skills. In this inspiring and useful resource, teacher and occupational therapist Barbara Sher provides step-by-step directions for how to use … Read more.

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The Crisis in College Admissions

By Jon Reider As director of a high school college counseling office for many years, I, and many of my colleagues across the country, see that the college admission process is in crisis.  Ideally, the process of selecting a college … Read more.

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Preparing for the Inevitable: Lessons from “Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence”

The teenage years can be difficult for parents and children alike. So much growth and change occurs in a very short amount of time; it can seem like teenagers are trying to push their parents over the edge, and vice … Read more.

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