Sneak Peek from Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Leverage Leadership coverFor too long and for too many children our education system has not worked. Yet in the face of these struggles, there are principals, superintendents, and coaches who have built extraordinary schools—not just once, but multiple times. What sets these leaders apart?

Leverage Leadership demonstrates that exceptional school leaders succeed because of how they use their time: what they do, and how and when they do it. By consistently using seven core principles or “levers,” each minute of their day is leveraged to maximal results. Armed with this insight, this practical guide offers the tools and systems needed to replicate these leaders’ success:

  • Drive as much teacher development in a year as most schools do in 20 (instructional levers—Chapters 1-4)
  • Build the habits of mind and heart that can shape a strong school culture (cultural levers—Chapters 5-6)

With 30 videos of top-tier leaders in action along with full professional development materials, ready-to-use rubrics, and calendars, Leverage Leadership brings great schools to you—and allows you to create one yourself.

Read below for a sneak peek from Chapter 2!

 Paul Bambrick-Santoyo is currently a Managing Director of Uncommon Schools, uniting North Star to a community of some of the highest achieving urban schools in the country. A frequent presenter on data-driven instruction, he has trained over 1,500 school leaders nationwide in as his work at Uncommon Schools and as the Data-Driven Instruction faculty member for New Leaders for New Schools, the leading national urban school leadership training program. Prior to joining North Star, he worked for six years in a bilingual school in Mexico City, where he founded the International Baccalaureate program at the middle school level, led significant gains in English test score results, and was named Teacher of the Year in 1999.

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