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Secrets for Answering the Supplemental Questions on College Applications

LYNN F. JACOBS is a professor of Art History at the University of Arkansas. JEREMY S. HYMAN is founder and chief architect of Professors’ Guide™ content products, (www.professorsguide.com) and lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Arkansas. JEFFREY DURSO-FINLEY has … Read more.

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Announcing a New Book on America’s Largest College Readiness Program

In Question Everything, award-winning education writer Jay Mathews presents the stories and winning strategies behind the Advancement Via Individual Determination program (AVID). With the goal of preparing students for the future – whether that future includes college or not – … Read more.

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College Readiness vs. Career Readiness: Same or Different?

Not all students have the same goals. Some will want to attend college after graduating, while others will want to jump straight into a technical career. With students aiming to take separate paths upon graduation, how can educators ensure that all students … Read more.

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Tell Your Story to Make Your Application Stand Out

Among college applications reviewers, one acronym is synonymous with doom: LMO. It stands for “like many others” and it’s the equivalent of a “thanks, but no thanks.” That’s where Anna Ivey and Alison Chisolm’s expertise comes into play. Written as … Read more.

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The Crisis in College Admissions

By Jon Reider As director of a high school college counseling office for many years, I, and many of my colleagues across the country, see that the college admission process is in crisis.  Ideally, the process of selecting a college … Read more.

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February 2012 New Releases!

College and Career Ready: Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School by David T. Conley (2012) — 9781118155677 Teach Like a Champion Field Guide: A Practical Resource to Make the 49 Techniques Your Own by Doug Lemov (2012) — 9781118116821 … Read more.

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