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Developing Curiosity: Teach Them How to Wonder–Guest blog by Kathleen Hopkins

Developing Curiosity:  Teach Them How to Wonder  a guest blog by Kathleen R. Hopkins   “Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind”                                                                                              -Samuel Johnson (1751) There is an innate curiosity within the mind … Read more.

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Leave the Campfire; Know Your Enemy: It is you, scared

Fear kills imagination. And fear is always with us. Pretending it doesn’t exist might work in a pinch, but eventually it returns. Learning to name, face, grapple with our fears: this is the start of the art of everything. Because imagination is related to images, and images are related to the brain, it is logical to think of imagination as a purely cognitive capacity. But imagination is equally about emotion. It is about the animal instincts of fight or flight. Read more.

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