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Guest Post: ‘Changing the Conversation’ by Teacher Ambassador Lisa Coates

This guest post from Jossey-Bass Teacher Ambassador Lisa Coates tells the story of Albert Hill Middle School, a Title I turnaround in Richmond City, Virginia. Currently in the midst of major transition, Albert Hill has implemented school-wide use of Doug … Read more.

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Making Professional Learning Meaningful

Cheryl Dobbertin is the director of the Teacher Potential Project for Expeditionary Learning, a research project which aims to increase student achievement and teacher efficacy.  She is the co-author of Expeditionary Learning’s Transformational Literacy: Making the Common Core Shift with … Read more.

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New Teachers: You’re Allowed to Experiment

In our New Teachers Series, we share tricks and tips from Robyn Jackson, an expert on professional development for educators. All of these tips and more can be found in Jackson’s latest book, You Can Do This: Hope and Help … Read more.

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An Interview with Todd Whitaker, Author of The Ten-Minute Inservice [VIDEO]

Todd Whitaker is professor of educational leadership at Indiana State University. A leading presenter in the field of education, he has devoted his career to researching effective school teachers and principals. He is the author of numerous successful books, including … Read more.

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Notes From a Teacher

by Christi Carpenter, teacher and Jossey-Bass’ summer teacher consultant When I was in college and I engaged in competitive reading, I developed a rule for seasonal fiction reading:  read American authors in the summer, Russians in the winter, and Brit … Read more.

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Apply to be a part-time sales consultant for Jossey-Bass!

We’re hiring! Jossey-Bass has long been a premier publisher in K-12 education. We aim to offer the best thinking, research, and practical guidance on key issues in education—from planning a lesson to leading school change. In order to best reach our … Read more.

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A Unique Way to do Your Summer Reading

Planning to hit the books this summer? You won’t be alone. Many teachers will take the summer as an opportunity to plan for the next school year, brush up on the latest education research, learn how to improve their teaching … Read more.

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Summer Reading for Professional Development

When you say you’re a teacher, most people exclaim, “It must be so great to have your summers off!” But let’s get real: while summer can be a time of rest for teachers, there’s always the next school year to … Read more.

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Read, Learn, and Earn with Read4Credit Courses

Would you like to earn graduate credits for reading critically acclaimed books on education issues? If so, read on! Jossey-Bass has partnered with Canter to offer six unique Read4Credit courses. Each course is based upon a Jossey-Bass book written by … Read more.

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Extend Professional Development by Engaging in Book Clubs

Book clubs aren’t only for casual reading between family, friends, and neighbors.  Through a book club aimed at professional development, educational professionals can work together to gain a deeper understanding of the most current writing on K-12 education. To get … Read more.

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