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Steps for Ending Phone Calls

The Science of Making Friends is based on UCLA’s acclaimed PEERS program, the only research-based approach in the world devoted to helping adolescents and young adults with autism make and keep friends. This step-by-step guide offers strategies for parents, educators, … Read more.

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Supporting Students Who Need More Help

Do any of your students have trouble managing the demands of their daily workload or school routines? The following strategy outlined in the excerpt below is just one way to help students with weak Executive Function skills stay organized. Joyce … Read more.

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Help Your Students Get Organized!

The following is a guest post by Linda Wilmshurst, Ph.D., ABPP, and Alan W. Brue, Ph.D., NCSP. As any teacher knows, some students have great organizational skills and others are … let’s just say, organizationally challenged. These students may have … Read more.

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Watch Dr. Thomas Hehir talk about Inclusive Learning on PBS

Dr. Thomas Hehir, Jossey-Bass author and Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, comments on the benefits of inclusive learning as PBS NewsHour correspondent Betty Ann Bowser visits the Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Boston. Watch Engaging Students With … Read more.

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What ADHD Children Need From Their Parents

The high degree of negative feedback and disapproval that children and teens with ADHD receive on a day – to – day basis can take its toll on their self – esteem. Parents have the most important role in providing the loving support and encouragement to enable their child to build resilience for overcoming obstacles and self – Read more.

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