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Secrets for Answering the Supplemental Questions on College Applications

LYNN F. JACOBS is a professor of Art History at the University of Arkansas. JEREMY S. HYMAN is founder and chief architect of Professors’ Guide™ content products, (www.professorsguide.com) and lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Arkansas. JEFFREY DURSO-FINLEY has … Read more.

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Tips for Enhancing Creativity in the Classroom

by Shelley Carson, Ph.D., author of Your Creative Brain Teachers and schools get a lot of bad press concerning the so-called “fourth grade slump” in creativity, a phenomenon in which scores on standard creativity tests begin to decline dramatically between … Read more.

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The Crisis in College Admissions

By Jon Reider As director of a high school college counseling office for many years, I, and many of my colleagues across the country, see that the college admission process is in crisis.  Ideally, the process of selecting a college … Read more.

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