Algebra & Beyond: Quick Lessons from “Math Starters!”

9781118449790_cover.inddBrand new from veteran authors Judith, Gary, and Erin Muschla, the second edition of Math Starters! has been thoroughly revised and updated to be aligned to the Common Core Standards, and covers a range of topics from number theory to statistics and probability.

Below, you’ll find a taste from the chapter on algebra. If you’re hungry for more, jump over to the Wiley website.

Algebra & Beyond: Quick Lessons from Math Starters! by Jossey-Bass Education


Judith A. Muschla taught mathematics in South River, New Jersey, for over twenty-five years. Along with teaching and writing, she has been a member of the State Standards Review Panel for the Mathematics Core Curriculum Content Standards in New Jersey.

Gary Robert Muschla taught at Appleby School in Spotswood, New Jersey, for more than twenty-five years. His specialties include mathematics at the middle school level, reading, and writing. Judith and Gary have coauthored several very successful math activity books, including The Algebra Teacher’s Activities Kit, Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications, and The Math Teacher’s Book of Lists.

Erin Muschla-Berry teaches eighth grade math at Monroe Township Middle School in Monroe, New Jersey, and has collaborated with Judith and Gary on four previous math books, including Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades 6-8.


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