Beyond The Three “P’s”—How Adolescent Boys Grapple with Masculinity

In his new book, Dr. Andrew Smiler works to shift our thinking beyond the stereotypical notion of boys and men as “emotional cripples” and “fly-by-night” Casanovas, and by doing so, he allows us to conceive of male sexuality as complicated and nuanced. In Challenging Casanova, Dr. Smiler reveals that most boys and men want to have meaningful relationships and suggests a variety of healthy new approaches to understanding one’s identity, dating, and sexuality. In the following excerpt, Dr. Smiler takes us beyond the three “P’s—“ that is, Providing, Protecting, and Procreating, with a discussion of the changing landscape of male identity, and why many teenage boys, in particular, are struggling with this shift.


Masculinity, Peers, and Identity (excerpt from Challenging Casanova)

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