Get 30% off our interactive edition of Teach Like a Champion!

What’s better than our interactive Inkling edition of Teach Like a Champion? Getting it for 30% off!

The Complete Teach Like a Champion, Interactive Edition, is a new digital version of Teach Like a Champion and the Teach Like a Champion Field Guide, combined in a comprehensive resource available on your iPhone, iPad, or computer. The interactive format allows you to watch 55 videos, share notes, do exercises, monitor your progress, and have discussions inside the book–while all your progress stays saved in the Cloud.

To get it for 30% off, visit the Teach Like a Champion page on Inkling’s website and use the code TLAC30 to get a 30% off discount on the interactive edition. You have the option to purchase the entire book or just the chapter(s) you need. For more information, and to download a free chapter, go here.

Be sure to also register for the Teach Like a Champion Newsletter on the new Teach Like a Champion website. To sign up for the newsletter, just visit the website and enter your e-mail address in the blue box on the front page. All who sign up will be entered to win a new Kindle Fire!

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