Get Creative!: An Inservice on Meaningful Lessons

We all know that making lessons meaningful for students is the best way for them to engage with the material and better understand what they are learning. But it can be difficult to change the way you teach, and many teachers aren’t willing to experiment with more effective or creative methods of teaching. In the excerpt below, authors Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux offer a valuable inservice designed to help teachers come up with creative ways to teach lessons and engage their students.

Making Lessons Meaningful (excerpt from The Ten-Minute Inservice) by Jossey-Bass Education

TODD WHITAKER, Ph.D., (Terre Haute, IN) is professor of educational leadership at Indiana State University. A leading presenter in the field of education, he has devoted his career to researching effective school teachers and principals. Prior to moving into higher education Whitaker worked as a math teacher and principal at the middle and high school levels. He is the author of numerous successful books, including the national bestsellers What Great Teachers Do Differently and What Great Principals Do Differently.




The Ten-Minute Inservice: 40 Quick Training Sessions that Build Teacher Effectiveness (2013) — 9781118470435


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