How to Write a Ghost Story: An Excerpt from 826 National’s DON’T FORGET TO WRITE

Free to Believe: How to Write a Terrifying Ghost Story

Want to write a super scary ghost story with your students? Here’s a free lesson plan by Lisa Brown and Adele Griffin. The lesson is scarily perfect for all ages. Ghost stories make great writing exercises, because they’re even better when they’re short. Their creepy otherworldliness counteracts the boredom of everyday life. That’s why people want to believe in ghosts. It makes life more exciting. It’s also incredibly freeing.

The lesson can be found in one of our spookily new books with 826 National, Don’t Forget to Write. Each of the Don’t Forget to Write books contain 50 writing lesson plans created by dedicated 826 volunteers, acclaimed authors, and educators, including Dave Eggers, Jon Scieszka, and Sarah Vowell, among others.

Now, look below . . . if you dare.

Lisa Brown is an illustrator, syndicated cartoonist, and picture book writer. She coauthored and illustrated Picture the Dead, a Civil War ghost story for young adults, with award-winning author Adele Griffin. She lives in a spooky old house in San Francisco.

 Adele Griffin has written a number of books for young adults, including Where I Want to Be, Amandine, The Other Shepards, the Witch Twins and Vampire Island series, Picture the Dead with best selling illustrator Lisa Brown, and the “Generation Facebook” novel The Julian Game. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

How to Write a Ghost Story

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