Making School a Magical Place: An Excerpt from Mission Possible

“What makes for a great school? How do you deliver a world-class education to thousands of children—not children who are handpicked or sorted by test scores,but rather ordinary kids who walk through your doors?”

With these questions, Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia open Chapter 2 of their newly-published book,  Mission Possible: How the Secrets of the Success Academies Can Work in Any School.

Check out the excerpt below, then learn more about Mission Possible with these exclusive videos. Just enter your own email address, along with password 67281.

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Excerpt From Mission Possible

Eva Moskowitz is the Founder and CEO of the Success Charter Network. A former New York City Council member, she has earned a national reputation as a fighter for improving public school’s rigor and resources. Her first school, the Harlem Success Academy, quickly emerged as one of the top performing schools in New York State and was featured in “The Lottery” documentary.

Arin Lavinia is a former staff developer at Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, literary consultant, and New York City public school teacher. She has worked to improve the quality of literacy instruction and teacher training both in New York City and nationally. She joined Success Academy as the network’s first director of literacy in 2009. With Moskowitz, Arin has designed and developed THINK Literacy, a commonsense approach to balanced literacy that puts critical thinking front and center, as well as Success Academy’s methods of training principals and teachers.

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