Partnering with Common Core for New York Math Editions

General feelings about the Common Core Standards are mixed (to put it mildly), but love or hate the standards as you may, all but 5 states have adopted them. The New York State Education Department is making a major effort to align all ELA and Mathematics instruction in its schools by the 2012-2013 school year and to do this they have built a relationship with one of our major partners: Common Core. We saw an opportunity to share what the NYSED is working to accomplish; to that end, we will be releasing printed editions of these customized versions of the standards. These special NYSED editions include a comprehensive, carefully sequenced, expertly crafted curriculum featuring 180 days of instruction across six or seven modules per grade, from K-12.  The teacher-writers of have been collaborating with distinguished mathematicians to design and draft the most comprehensive set of CCSS-based mathematics curriculum materials available anywhere.

  • The maps are sequenced and paced to support the teaching of mathematics as an unfolding story that follows the logic of mathematics itself.
  • They embody the instructional “shifts” and the standards for mathematical practice demanded by the CCSS.
  • Each map contains a sequence of lessons that combine conceptual understanding, fluency, and application to meet the demands of the topic.
  • Formative assessments are included to support data-driven instruction.

The first modules for grade K-5 will be available in September. Check them out here, and pre-order your copies today!


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