Teach Like a Champion Video Submission Sweepstakes

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What’s the most exciting thing on the Teach Like a Champion Facebook page right now? This sweepstakes:

Call for Video (with a little sweepstakes thrown in). We want to see you teach! Some participants will receive a copy of either the NEW Teach Like a Champion Field Guide or the ENHANCED eBook of Teach Like a Champion. Click on the **Video Submission** tab for details!

Please don’t be shy! Follow these 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Take two minutes in the morning to look in the mirror. Groom if needed.

Step 2. Have ready whatever device you use to record your favorite moments.

Step 3. Enlist a colleague—call in a favor or bribe with a latte.

Step 4. Try a technique with your students. 49 to choose from! A technique you’ve mastered, or much more fun: capture your first attempt! No judgments here.

Step 5. Upload your video—on any video-sharing site out there. Let Doug know where to find it.

Best of luck from your friends at Jossey-Bass!

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