Become a Jossey-Bass Teacher Ambassador!

We are excited to be launching a Teacher Ambassador program to get our books into the hands of the most eager learners out there. As a teacher ambassador, you will be our feet on the ground: trying out techniques put forth in our books, providing feedback on new products, and becoming the first experts on the newest literature in educator development. We are looking for teachers who are entrepreneurial in their craft, excited about professional growth, and eager to share what they learn with the broader teaching community. If this is you, keep reading!

How it works:

In a nutshell, as an ambassador you get free Jossey-Bass books (of your choosing). You read those books, use what you learn, and then tell us what you think. We will support your learning and gather your feedback in two ways: A Teacher Ambassador Learning Cycle and a Teacher Ambassador Book club.

Teacher Ambassador Learning Cycle:

One of the goals of our ambassador program is for our team to get honest feedback from those who matter most: real teachers. Teacher Ambassadors will be the premier consumers of the books we publish, gaining advanced access to newly published books and getting the chance to provide immediate feedback to our editors and authors. Ambassadors will share their feedback in quarterly learning cycles. During each cycle, Teacher Ambassadors will…

♠ Read a self-selected book, provided free of charge, from a menu of options
♠ Provide feedback about the book for our publishing team (feedback form provided)
♠ Choose one of the following ways to engage with the content of the book:

Create and share a lesson plan drawing on what you learned from the book
Record and share a video of a lesson being taught
Write an Amazon review

Write a guest blog entry for the Jossey-Bass Education Blog about how the book has informed your practice
Conduct professional development in your school or teaching community based on the book

Teacher Ambassador Book Club:

In addition to getting access to new professional development resources, we want our ambassadors to have the opportunity to share their learning with their own teaching communities. Therefore, each ambassador will have the chance to choose one of the books from our menu and host a Teacher Book Club. In hosting the Teacher Book Club, the ambassador will…

♠ Choose one of the books from our menu
Receive five complimentary copies of that book to share with teachers in their community
Schedule and host discussion(s) about the book
Generate questions for the author

How to apply:

Please complete this online application by Friday, October 24. Applicants will be notified of their status by Friday, October 31.

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