Video: The Complete Teach Like a Champion, Interactive Edition

Curious about all the great features the interactive edition of The Complete Teach Like a Champion has to offer? This video shows just how useful our Inkling edition of Teach Like a Champion can be.

This edition combines two essential books, Teach Like a Champion and the Teach Like a Champion Field Guide into a single resource: The Complete Teach Like a Champion, Interactive Edition. Watch 55 videos, share notes, do exercises, monitor your progress, and have discussions inside the book. You have the option to purchase the entire book or just the chapter(s) you need. This interactive edition is available on your iPad, iPhone, and computer. All of your exercises and notes are saved automatically in the Cloud, ensuring that you never lose your notes–or your place. For more information, and to download a free chapter, go here: to visit the Teach Like a Champion page on Inkling’s website.

The Complete Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College

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