Happy Connected Educator Month!
What do you do to stay connected?

At the recent International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that August 2012 is Connected Educator Month:

“Every educator needs to be connected with the best digital content, tools, and resources in order to enliven the learning environment for students, and to fully connect with peers and experts.”

He called upon teachers and educational leaders to innovate through online collaboration and learning environments, and “to guide the country in transforming education and vastly improving the opportunity to learn for every American.”

According to the Connected Educators website, August 2012 will be “a month-long celebration of community, with educators at all levels, from all disciplines, moving towards a fully connected and collaborative profession.”

The Connected Educator Month calendar started with 80 online events, and the list is now in the hundreds, and still growing. There are multiple events to interest just about everyone.

At Jossey-Bass Education, we are celebrating by offering you a month full of useful resources for staying connected, using technology in education, and teaching 21st century skills. Check back often throughout the month for exciting new posts (including fantastic giveaways every Friday!)

What do you do to stay connected? How do you create community? How do you collaborate in your professional learning environments? Share your knowledge!

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